I’m Sorry? Could You Repeat That Again Please?

Posted by:gulf onDecember 26, 2016

The majority of us have probably used the above-mentioned responses at one time or another. It may be caused by outside factors, by the speakers themselves, or by our temporary loss of attention. However, if you keep on using these phrases, and are getting tired of hearing yourself utter them, it might be best to consider talking to an audiologist. There is a possibility that you might be suffering from hearing problems.

There are various diagnostic evaluation services that your audiologist can recommend, depending on the level of your hearing loss:

  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations – will involve determining the percentage of your hearing loss, your ability to understand speech, and recommendation for hearing aids, if applicable
  • Industrial hearing testing – includes an otoscopic examination, puretone testing, and case history documentation
  • Tympanometry – an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum and the conduction bones
  • Acoustically evoked otoacoustic emission (OAE) testing – finds out how the outer hair cells of your inner ear are working

The terms may be confusing to grasp at, thus the importance of having a qualified professional to explain to you in the language that you are familiar with. It is equally important that you seek the services of a trusted hearing clinic that can provide you with the best possible hearing care.


What are the possible outcomes if a hearing problem is left untreated?

  1. The brain will continue having difficulty processing words and sounds.
  2. You may not realize it, but your normal voice may sound like shouting to others.
  3. Difficulty in focusing on speech, especially in loud environments
  4. Reduced job performance
  5. Untreated hearing loss is said to be linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and a decline in cognitive capabilities.
  6. Social isolation and depression

Do not wait for these consequences to happen to you. Keep that harmonious relationship with your loved ones by making sure that you are there for them when they need you to lend an ear, a functioning ear, for that matter.


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