Putting Importance on the Hearing Aid Fitting Process

Posted by:gulf onMay 10, 2017

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

Individuals with hearing difficulty require correct diagnosis and management for them to be able to identify the best possible solution to their condition. The fitting process plays a vital role in ensuring that they will be able to maximize the use of hearing aids as they go out of the doctor’s office to meet the world with more confidence, stronger determination, and more positive outlook.

What are the factors experts in the field consider when offering their patients hearing instruments? The Gulf Coast Audiology, for example, takes into consideration the following elements before they dispense hearing aids:

  • Lifestyle
  • Severity of the hearing loss
  • hearing loss on communication impact
  • Monetary considerations

Below is a video showing how to fit and use a hearing aid:


Wearing ill-fitted hearing aids might pose long-term risks and might even worsen your hearing problem. As such, your hearing aid dispenser should ensure that the following steps are properly observed:

  • Setting the volume level of your hearing aids on a gradual basis to give your brain enough time to adjust to louder sounds
  • Deciding on the particular conditions that require the use of hearing aids. Not wearing them while sleeping or while at home when you are by yourself will give your ears a chance to relax from the usual noise
  • Identifying whether the hearing aids are giving the right amount of amplification and not damaging your ears
  • Going back to the clinic for post-fitting follow-up and counseling in case there are issues that were missed in the initial screenings and fitting process

A 2014 article by S. Kochkin has measured seven areas that define patient satisfaction when it comes to the hearing aid process, and thus promote patient loyalty:

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge level
  • Explained care of the hearing
  • Explained hearing aid expectations
  • Quality of service during the process
  • Quality of service post-fitting
  • Level of empathy

Gulf Coast Audiology always strives to find the perfect hearing instrument to help you hear well again. Schedule an appointment now and find that perfect pair of hearing aids suitable to your needs.

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