The Classroom as a Learning Environment for the Hearing Impaired

Posted by:gulf onMay 26, 2017

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

Children who are deaf or who are diagnosed to be suffering from hearing impairment usually have difficulty coping with the real world. If not properly guided, they might become insecure, develop lower self-esteem, and distant themselves from family and people in general. Hence, educators of the deaf have a great responsibility in ensuring that the classroom becomes a learning environment, where the mood is positive and where students will always want to go back to because they feel a sense of belonging.

Research has proven that improving the listening environment of students with hearing loss will:

  • Improve the retention of information
  • Improve pupil behavior
  • Ensure the effectiveness of hearing technology
  • Increase student attention
  • Lessen teacher absences
  • Promote confidence and self-awareness

As technology evolves, so do the teaching strategies for deaf students. Some of the most common educational approaches include:

  • Bilingual-bicultural. Teachers use the American Sign Language and traditional English is learned by exposure to printed words on paper.
  • Auditory or oral. Instead of the sign language, educators use the English language through residual hearing and speech. There is a direct relation between a child’s ability to use residual hearing and speech intelligibility.
  • Total Communication. A combination of auditory and visual communication. Integrating these two can help students identify objects and communicate effectively.

Below is a video giving a glimpse of the multi-sensory classroom of the Regional School for the Deaf and Blind in Mobile, Alabama:

If you are an educator of deaf and hard of hearing children, a teacher assistant or an educational interpreter, you can collaborate and share ideas and experiences with your colleagues by attending the 2nd annual National Deaf Education Conference. It will be held on June 22-24, 2017 at the Indianapolis School for the Deaf. The conference focuses on teaching practices in the classroom.

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