Live Speech Mapping (LSM) and Hearing Aid Fitting

Posted by:gulf onSeptember 9, 2017

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao 

Live speech mapping (LSM) is used by audiologists to confirm whether your hearing aids are properly programmed for your specific needs or still need adjustment. LSM can indicate the audibility of important sounds and signals such as speech, thus leading to less post-fitting visits and convenience on the part of the patient.

How does the test work? 

Small or probe microphones are usually placed in the ear canal to determine how you can hear speech through your hearing aids. Artificial test signals are made such as bands of noise (the number of frequency adjustment “handles”) and swept pure tones (can identify which frequencies a person can hear). The patient, who is usually a meter apart from the clinician, listens to a passage spoken by the speaker while the clinician monitors the input level to the probe microphone using a volume unit meter. LSM uses live real-time speech, that of a relative or a friend, for real-ear measurements (REMs).

What does LSM help achieve? 

When using LSM, a clinician aims to meet the following goals:

  • Deliver audible speech, including soft, normal and loud speech.
  • As comfortable as possible, deliver all acoustical input to the hearing aid.
  • Ensure that loud speech is kept tolerable.

Other Uses of LSM 

  • As a counseling tool
  • Resolves feedback problems
  • Helps in the demonstration of directional microphone technology
  • Aids in the presentation of multiple memories, volume control adjustments, and multi-channel processing

LSM has been proven as a valuable tool in the hearing aid fitting process as it allows the patient to adjust comfortably with the help of a close family member or friend. It makes for a comfortable transition to hearing aids without affecting the patient’s confidence but instead improves his/her level of acceptance. Contact Gulf Coast Audiology today and let them take care of your hearing needs.


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