Scuba Diving and Hearing Loss

Posted by:gulf onOctober 20, 2017

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

Scuba diving lessons are usually worth the same as a full day of surfing lessons or a few hours of private water skiing lessons. This may sound fun especially if you are someone who loves the ocean and seeks these types of adventure. You can roam the waters freely and bask in the beauty of nature.

Image source: Divers Alert Network

However, if you are suffering from hearing loss, you need to consult a physician before you embark on scuba diving lessons. While the situation may be the same to just being able to equalize your ears during elevator rides, doctors may warn those who are hearing impaired to be careful of the pressure changes caused by this sport. Furthermore, having an idea if you have limitations when it comes to scuba diving will help avoid the possibility of tympanic membrane perforation, also known as a ruptured eardrum.

A tympanic membrane rupture happens when a hole or tear occurs in the thin tissue separating your ear canal from your eardrum, which can result to hearing loss or infections. Some heal within a few weeks without having the need for treatment; while some may require a surgical repair to heal.

Finally, those who have been scuba diving for many years naturally experience some degree of hearing loss because of their constant exposure to pressure. Thus, their tympanic membranes will probably suffer from perpetual deformity and in some cases, may result to permanent bilateral hearing loss. Bilateral hearing loss occurs when an individual is unable to hear perceive sound in both ears.

Physicians usually suggest the use of hearing aids to lessen the symptoms of bilateral hearing loss. Hearing aids are often the solution for those who have developed hearing loss over the course of a lifetime. Do note that it is a different matter altogether if the individual has been deaf from birth. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, physicians may recommend the use of cochlear implants instead.

In order not to spoil your fun so you can enjoy fully the experience, especially if you are planning in enrolling in a scuba diving lesson anytime soon, talk to a physician first. Allow an experienced team of experts to discuss with you possible options that will protect your hearing and prevent hearing loss without having to ruin your lifestyle preference.

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