Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean and Hear Well

Posted by:gulf onNovember 7, 2017

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

Your hearing aids are designed to perfectly fit your ears and match their specific needs so you can hear well again. Since hearing instruments are made with technical features and highly sophisticated materials, it is your main responsibility to make sure they are clean at all times. This will prevent entry of bacteria and help maintain optimum hearing conditions.

The most common types of hearing instruments are the receiver in the ear, in-the-ear, and behind the ear hearing aids. Note that since they differ in how they are worn and function, they also require different types of wax guards or filters.

Below is a video that demonstrates how to clean a custom hearing aid:

Follow these simple steps so your hearing aids can last longer:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth and wash your hands first before cleaning.
  • Do not use cleaning fluids, alcohol or even water to prevent damage to your hearing aids. You can use a mild soap solution for earmolds but make sure that they are fully dry before reattaching them to the hearing aids.
  • Replace domes (silicone tips covering the speaker units) at least once a month.
  • Keep your hearing aid away from moisture or too much humidity to prevent corrosion.
  • Leave the battery door open at night and allow whatever moisture that has been stored to evaporate.
  • Handle batteries properly and check their strength regularly.
  • If you hear whistling sound while wearing the hearing aid, you may have to try another earmold or the instrument is not properly secured. A whistling sound also signals too much earwax in the ear canal. Talk to an audiologist if the sound persists.

Experts recommend that you clean your hearing instruments daily for both hygienic and functional reasons. Do not wait for them to clog or get damaged. This will require additional costs that may have been prevented if they were taken care of regularly. Ensure long-term sound quality of your hearing aids by observing proper maintenance.

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