Mental Health, Stress and Your Hearing Sense

Posted by:gulf onAugust 27, 2018

Mental health plays a crucial role in the way people think, act or feel. You will think that the brain is the only part of your body involved in mental health, but it encompasses an individual’s psychological, social and emotional well-being. Thus, the need to take care of it regardless of whatever stage in life you might be in.

Mental Health, Stress and Your Hearing Sense

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How Stress Affects Mental Health

Stress is a major contributing factor in the deterioration of both a person’s physical and mental strength. In some cases, stress can even reduce the size of the brain or worse, kill a seemingly healthy individual’s brain cells.

Stress and Hearing Loss

But do you know that stress can actually also impact a person’s sense of hearing? The World Health Organization (WHO) describes hearing loss as one of the most common disabilities and one way to prevent its occurrence is to reduce the level of stress in your everyday life. In recent years, hearing loss has also been linked to psychological disorders such as depression, citing the possibility of cognitive decline or even dementia, although researchers still need to conduct further studies to prove this link.

Hearing loss is stressful as it is. When the stress cycle continues, there will come a time that your mental health will begin to suffer. It becomes even worse if you are unaware of the situation, because you will not be able to do something about it right away. If you are already suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus, chronic stress can worsen the condition. You will become more anxious and your sleep patterns may even be affected.

Veer away from stress and find time to visit a hearing clinic if you notice hearing loss symptoms in yourself or in a family member. Enjoy a stress-free life. Protect your hearing and take care of your mental health in the process.

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