Live Speech Mapping

Posted by:gulf onOctober 28, 2021

In earlier times, one had to go through the various sounds and noises in hearing aid evaluations and also in the fitting process. But nowadays, the hearing evaluation process and its programming have become much more effective as the audiologists use new and advanced technologies.

Live speech mapping is one of the most advanced technologies. It is a method where hearing aids are fitted by the use of speech which helps the specialist find the right settings for the hearing aids.



Live speech mapping is a method that checks the proper functioning of your hearing aids. Under this live speech mapping method, small microphones are placed in the ear canal and are used to check the response of your hearing aids.

Hearing professionals use this technology to check the response of your hearing aids. Results will then be shown on a screen which will help the audiologist to make further adjustment. It is required for you to come with a family member or close friend.



Live speech mapping is the best method to program your hearing aids in the first attempt.

If you have complete hearing loss, it will help you hear the improvements of the sounds that you can hear and increase those that you are unable to hear. It gives you results quickly and it also reduces the number of office visits.

You can contact any hearing professional to find out how you can have a great hearing aid experience by using this method.

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