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Tympanometry is a test performed to check the level of your hearing loss based on which it is decided that whether it should benefit from the hearing aids or should be treated medically. Tympanometry checks over the middle ear problems. It is a medical test done to see the proper functioning of the middle ear.

The test can cause some pain only if the middle ear or eardrum is inflamed otherwise it is painless.

Tympanometry can take place in the doctor’s clinic. Firstly, he will check your ear canal and eardrum with the help of otoscope and thereafter he will place a probe with a rubber tip that is flexible in your ear.



The tympanometry specifically checks over the middle ear infections. The test is specially designed for children having such problems. It can be performed on adults also. Tympanometry test can be done on adults as well as on children both who are looking for medical clarity for the hearing aids. In most middle ear infections, the fluid made in the middle ear resists the sound to travel properly in the eardrum.

So, in any case, if you feel any type of fluid in your middle ear then you should immediately have a doctor’s consultation rather than taking support of the hearing aids.

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