OAE (Oto acoustic Emissions)

Posted by:gulf onApril 16, 2022

It’s a basic test for the otoacoustic emissions. These are the sounds that the inner ear sends. When the inner ear responds to any sound it signs out some signals or sounds which are oec’s. The hair cells of the inner ear are oec’s which respond to a sound through vibration. So, one is a sound that is produced as a result of vibration which is so quiet and it goes to the middle of the ear.

In the case of normal hearing, more will be produced. Wherever, as hearing loss increases about 25-30 decibels (DB), these quiet, very soft sounds will not be produced.

This test also checks upon the blockage of the middle ear or outer ear. No sound or any vibration will echo back if there is a blockage.

PROCESS OF OAE: An earphone or a probe is used for doing the test of OAE. A probe or earphone is to be worn by you in the ear and after doing that, some sounds are put into the ear and the sounds which came back are checked in the form of results shown on the screen.

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